Sunday, 7 March 2010

Prevent the Death of the street with a Motorcycle Helmet

prevent the death of the street with a motorcycle helmet - I first saw the motorcycle accident in front of a university, computers university , that i studied . one driver was not using a full face helmet and he suffered severe injuries, his face filled with blood. the crash occurred within a very fast and can not guess. This incident made me realize that using  helmet when riding a motorcycle is very important to maintain the safety and lives for our life.

Motorcycle helmet is very important to use, the police also has provided legal for anyone who does not use a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but why many people do not fear the law? They also do not realize, their lives at stake on the road.

I am  as admin of this blog and kawasaki ninja lover, I just want to always be alert for all my friends who loved ridding in the street, the helmet was functioning very much, do not be stupid, use a helmet when riding a motorcycle, because a motorbike accident was very vulnerable.
remain to be careful and avoid accidents, wear a helmet to avoid accidents and deaths on the road.


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