Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Yamaha Jupiter Z Limited Editions from New Jupiter Z 115cc 2009-2010

New Yamaha Jupiter Z Limited Editions from New Jupiter Z 115cc 2009-2010 - Well i take some pictures from Yamaha Motorcycles Show, this is called "Yamaha jupiter z limited edition", jupiter z limited editions price is more cheap than jupiter z basic editions, it's $110 more than usually.Well, i thing this is the good idea from Yamaha, so i want to see that Kawasaki launch the Kawasaki Ninja 250R motogp style or Kawasaki WSBK.. let see ^_^

this is like Yamaha MotoGp looks appear, yeah lorenzo syle i mean nice yeah, with white and blue new jupiter 115cc is more beautiful !!
New Jupiter Z limited edition have a good headlamp color, more styles with "99 fiat" like motogp icon.
I just want to say that Yamaha Jupiter z 115 special and limited edition is awesome!! new body stripping with cool color combination between white and blue has make this Yamaha Motorcycles looks like racing motorcycles !!
Well how about you about this? New Yamaha Jupiter z 115 limited editions is cool !!


Imam Maskur said...

first time isaw this bike, i think itv will be launch, as 1 model of their 115cc bike.
But, it's pity, it just a display
here it is my article about it:

Ganjar .N said...

@Admin : Today, Yamaha Jupiter Z 115 CC Special Edition is available on your favorite Yamaha Motorcycles Dealer.. good luck..

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