Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Caviga Mito 125 - Real Italy Superbike for speed freak

Caviga Mito 125- Real Italy Superbike for speed freak. "Cagiva Mito 125" is a true sport bike made by Italy. Caviga Mito 125 used engine with water-cooled two-step. almost all the features found on Supersport Motorcycles can be found on the Cagiva Mito. Caviga Mito 125 used DELTABOX Aluminum Chassis, great swing arm, front suspension upside down from Marzzochi up front disc brakes measure 320 mm and 180 mm brake discs from Brembo is a standard feature for the Cagiva Mito. Although only a Cagiva Mito 125cc engine can produce power 39 hp. So that the weights 136kg and wheel size 110/70 × 17 front and 150/60 × 17 rear is not a burden to Caviga Mito but it is easier for the maneuver. In addition, in 1995 when the Cagiva is still active in the Grand Prix racer Valentino Rossi is using a Cagiva Mito 125cc class.With this thing, you will know that Caviga Mito 125 is the real Italy superbike !!!

Caviga Mito 125 Motorcyles isn't the perfect bike. For daily use could be said Mito red score in each category, Caviga Mito 125 driving position is too low, thus making fast rider stiffness, though the driver had been accustomed to driving Caviga Mito Motorcycles. As opposed to seat level as the Ninja 150 RR, ridership on the Mito seat is only plastic coated 4mm thick foam, this is the bad news guys... but it's not problem for some Caviga Mito rider i think.

Cavigo Mito features and speed power make the some people buy this motorcycles, and what the reason? the speed and satisfaction! You just only pay some million dollars to get the Caviga Mito 125 to bought to your home, there is no harm in you trying to order a Cagiva Mito for use in the daily and touring. This is the real motorcycles for Speed freak, maybe you will feel in the MotoGp arena with Caviga Mito 125 !!
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