Saturday, 9 January 2010

Kawasaki Part is more expensive? why?

Kawasaki part is more expensive because the quality of kawasaki part is more better than another bike, let see an example of motorcycle part, gear set part. On the kawasaki low cc capacity motor bike, price for one gear set between $17-$20, defending your country, and for another bike e.g Honda motorcycles part or Yamaha motorcycles part, price for one gear set, between $13-$15 / pack. Now, why this is can happen? And the answer is the Quality Of Part !!, another sample is racing exhaust for kawasaki ninja 250r is more expensive than other muffler/exhaust motorcycle.

Brother.. don't ever thing that you wrong chose if you have Kawasaki motorcycle, You choice the right ride dude !! kawasaki part is more stronger and more have good quality. as like fairing for kawasaki ninja 250r, You pay for best part in the word, i don't know if outside there people feel scare if must buy kawasaki motorcycle, and the reason that they say is "Kawasaki Part is not cheap" yeah.. but you will get the best part for your ride !!


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