Friday, 15 January 2010

Kawasaki d-tracker picture gallery

Kawasaki d-tracker picture gallery - Wow .. D-Tracker from Kawasaki is the powerfull supermoto from Kawasaki Motorcycles series, yeah KAWASAKI D-TRACKER come with more features e.g kawasaki d-tracker 250 DOCH engine !! 4 valves !!, with liquid cooler, 249cc, max power 18.0 kw on 9000 rpm. Maybe, this is looks like kawasaki klx 250, but this isn't same. This is Kawasaki D-Tracker Picture Gallery for you.. yeah for kawasaki d-tracker lover !!

Black kawasaki d-tracker picture!!

Kawasaki D-TRACKER picture on Motorcycle Show

Another picture kawasaki d-tracker on motorcycles show

Guys.. "Kawasaki D-tracker" type is perfect motorcycle for your ride, Yeah kawasaki d-tracker series isn't only for supermoto looks appear lover, but also for everyone who need combination between, power and style !!, this is the great choice for you if you are not like kawasaki ninja sportbike series like kawasaki ninja 250r or kawasaki ninja zx series, i hope you like it "Kawasaki d-tracker picture gallery" !! Cheer !!


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