Thursday, 3 December 2009

Kawasaki KLX 250R 2010 Info

Kawasaki KLX is the Off-Road or motor crosser from Kawasaki, and here is Kawasaki KLX 250R from KLX variant, this is the new from Kawasaki. Adapted from KX450F with liquid-cooled and 449 cc. Kawasaki KLX 250R is tuned for better and highly performance on low and middle range, more responsive, great torque, throttle handling and control. KLX 250R is better for motor cross racing.

KLX 250R is designed for better on climbing hills, riding in the mud or in other poor-traction, low-speed conditions and more. I like this motor cross, with full engine power, great handling on speed and low accelerations and more !!!,


Anonymous said...
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