Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Is it The New Yamaha Jupiter Z 2012 Fuel Injection?

Jupiter Z special edition
Jupiter Z is medium class of underbone motorcycles series from Yamaha and it has carburetor fuel system, but today I found the new Yamaha motorcycles teaser and it's looks the all new Yamaha Jupiter Z 2012 Fuel Injection edition, is it true? why not? Yamaha Jupiter Z is one of the most popular underbone motorcycles in Asia motorcycles market place and I thing Yamaha want to give the real technology for the Jupiter Z series with the Injection fuel system, today Fuel Injection system is one of the technologies that are popular in Asia, this technology provides many advantages such as environmentally friendly and economical fuel consumption, so that is a great innovation from Yamaha, awesome. Well guys here is the new Yamaha motorcycle teaser, check this out.

Looks like the underbone bike design, isn't it?

Yamaha Jupiter Z 2012 Fuel Injection teaser

As you can see, the new Yamaha motorcycles will comes with the new engine, new fuel injection system and claimed will give better performance, so is it really Jupiter Z?. See at the picture and look at the X label, see it?, today Yamaha motorcycles offers many motorcycles type for Indonesian riders, and there are 2 bikes with "Z" label, the motorcycles are Yamaha Scorpio Z and also Jupiter Z, again let's look at the picture, I believe for 99% there is Yamaha Jupiter Z series and not the Scorpio Z, the bike style looks like the underbone type and not the sport series, try to compare it by your self

Scorpio Z (Red) or Jupiter Z (white)?

2012 Yamaha Motorcycles with Z labels

Actually, Yamaha has give many new thing for Jupiter Z series such as added new white color at Jupiter Z white edition, but if the Jupiter Z 2012 Injection edition will release, it will be the best Jupiter Z ever. Basically, the Jupiter Z today powered by 4-stroke engine, 113.7cc of engine capacity, 2 Valve SOCH, air cooled with 4 speed transmissions, it has produces 6.0 kW @7500rpm of maximum power and 8.52Nm @4000rpm of maximum torque. What will happen if the Yamaha motorcycles replacing the Jupiter Z carburetor edition with the fuel injection edition? hmm let see it soon. For your information, Yamaha also already have an Injection bike for Indonesian rider, the bike is Mio J, so the Jupiter Z 2012 FI isn't a new bike from Yamaha which it rumored will comes with Injection system, good luck.

New Update, check it here : Yamaha Jupiter Z1, Specs and Colors

Enjoy and welcome to the new Jupiter Z generation, have a nice day.


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