Friday, 8 June 2012

Are U Confused in Choosing a 250cc Motorcycle in 2012?

kawasaki 2502012 is the real "battle year" for many motorcycles brands, when many of motorcycle manufacturers providing a new product, this is causes a lot of bikers are confused to choose a motorcycles. Let's look at one example, in 2008 through 2010, Kawasaki motorcycles should feel proud because they have a Ninja 250 which it has comes without any opponent, Kawasaki ninja 250r sale also was pretty good, even in 2009, Ninja 250 has been selected as the best motorcycle for beginners motorcycles rider. When Kawasaki feel so comfortable, Honda seems to want to follow the success of Kawasaki with offered a brand new Honda CBR250R into motorcycles market place, as we can see today, Kawasaki began to feel anxious, although the Kawasaki 250 engine was better with two cylinders (Parallel Twin Engine), but with a big name like Honda, Kawasaki seems to be more vigilant, and this has been proven, one by one bikers began to turn away from the Ninja 250 and go to the Honda CBR250R bikes.

What does this mean? it's means that we're as a prospective purchaser of motorcycles will be presented to several options, I know that it is beneficial for us, but for buyers who do not know about the bike, this will offered a big question,

"Which is the best bike for me?"

2012 CBR250R

After Honda success making Kawasaki anxious, Kawasaki seems to be against another rival from Suzuki, Suzuki also reportedly already to fight with the all new Inazuma 250 or also called as Suzuki GW250, this bike has comes with Dual Cylinder engine SOCH and 6 speed transmission, there is no DOCH engine but it's looks still powerful to beat the CBR even the Ninja.

So, back to the question, "Are U Confused in Choosing a 250cc Motorcycle in 2012?" read it more..

I always remind you, if you are confused to choose one of them, you have to ask yourself, there is some points that you have to know.

1. Choose it by your need
2. Choose it by your budget
3. Choose it by your favorite motorcycles style
4. Choose it by maintenance

If you're the sportbikes fans, both of Ninja 250 and CBR250R are good bikes, but if you love the street fighter bike, Inazuma 250 / GW250 is the best choice for you. Ninja and CBR prices is almost the same, but the Inazuma 250 prices not yet confirmed by Suzuki UK (I know GW250 from Suzuki UK). Where is another 250cc bikes from other brands? well I want to tell you that Ninja 250, CBR250 and GW250 are the most favorite 250cc bikes so far, so I try to give the real bikes for all of you, it doesn't mean that other 250cc are bad, but I thing the bikes are not so good as the Ninja 250, CBR250 even Inazuma 250. So, what is your favorite bike now? Good luck.


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