Tuesday, 12 June 2012

2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) Colors - Kawasaki 150cc Motorcycles

When I visited the official website of Kawasaki motorcycles, I found new 2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) colors pictures in there, Kawasaki seems to have provides a new color for the ninja 150 N (SS) variant, it's looks simple and elegant. As you know that Kawasaki Motorcycles Indonesia (KMI) offered 2 type of Ninja 150 2-strokes, Ninja RR and also Ninja R (L/N(SS), and today we will meet the 2012 Ninja 150 N edition or also called as Ninja 150 SS. If you have visited this blog, I actually have written about new Ninja 150 R series, (you can read it here : Ninja 150R 2012), the straight line decal on the Ninja 150 R/L now has replaced with the flame or tribal decal, I thing there is no mistake but I still voted for the previous edition of Ninja 150 R/L graphics.

Let see the Ninja 150 N (SS) edition, as one of the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150 2-strokes bikes line-up, Ninja 150 N series comes with high performance of engine, it has powered by Kawasaki KIPS technology, Ninja 150 N produces almost 30HP of maximum power!!, this bike designed for everyone who loved the 2-strokes engine sound and speed lover. The best thing from Ninja N is lower cost than other Ninja 150 variants like R/L or also RR/ZX-RR type, Ninja 150N series uses the rounded headlamp while the Ninja 150R/L type uses cover headlight.

There are 3 colors version for the all new 2012 Kawasaki NInja 150 N (SS) version, the colors are black, green and also red. Here they are..

The all new 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150 N (SS) Colors

1. 2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) Red color

kawasaki ninja 150 N (SS) 2012 - Red Color

2. 2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) Green color

2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) Green Color

3. 2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) Black color

2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) Black color

If I have to notice any changes from the Ninja 150 motorcycles type, Kawasaki 150 N always giving a new color for the fans, while I rarely see the official news about it, but I always found a new things from Kawasaki official site, the example from it is the new 2012 Ninja 150 N (SS) series. What about the prices? well everything looks the same with the older version. Good luck.

Which is your favorite Ninja 150 N color? I voted for the red one.. Good luck.


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