Sunday, 13 May 2012

2012 Yamaha Exciter - R & RC Editions

After successfully with the previous model of Yamaha Exciter type, Yamaha now presented the new 2012 Yamaha Exciter series, 2012 Yamaha Exciter R and also 2012 Yamaha Exciter RC edition, both of Yamaha Exciter 2012 series looks almost the same and I can't found many different things, but you can see that the colors scheme and decals of the bikes are different. Yamaha motorcycles not only selling this bike in one place, Yamaha Exciter also already in many country such as in Thailand with Yamaha Spark 135 named, also Yamaha Jupiter MX in Indonesia, all bikes uses the same specs but the colors schemes are different. Today let see the new looks of Yamaha Exciter 2012 edition, it has comes from Yamaha Vietnam official website.

2012 Yamaha Exciter R

2012 Yamaha Exciter R & RC edition has been born with the same engine specs, almost 135cc of engine capacity (134.4cc actually), 4-stroke, SOCH, 4-valve, and single cylinder engine, but the Exciter RC edition has better performance with 9.21kW (12.5PS) @8500 rpm while the Exciter R produces 8.9kW (12.1PS) @8500 rpm, not so different but RC series is better.

2012 Yamaha Exciter RC

If we try to compare the Yamaha Exciter with Jupiter MX (for Indonesia market place), Jupiter MX reportedly already with manual clutch edition, so I thing the 2012 Yamaha Exciter RC edition uses the manual clutch edition while the Exciter R uses the automatic clutch, correct Me if I was wrong. The RC edition comes with better performance, but the specs of this bike is almost 100% same, so I thing the manual clutch on the Exciter RC is the main features for boost Exciter performance.

2012 Yamaha Exciter R & RC Prices :
Exciter R : 40.000.000 (VNĐ)
Exciter RC : 37.000.000 (VNĐ)

update : Yamaha Exciter 2012 specs

Specs, pics, prices based from Yamaha Vietnam.

Well done, Yamaha motorcycles now ready to fight with their rival, 2012 Yamaha Exciter 135 has comes with fantastic design and looks better style than before, if you want to try this bikes, 2012 Yamaha Exciter now available with 3 colors variants, Solid Black & Red/Black for 2012 Exciter R, and Red/Black and White colors for 2012 Exciter RC edition. Enjoy your ride.


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