Wednesday, 18 April 2012

2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S

2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S
The all new Suzuki DR-Z400S has come, it's 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S edition. If you never know about the DR-Z400S bike, this is the Dual-Purpose motorcycles from Suzuki which it has come with almost 400cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke, DOCH, 4-valve cylinder and liquid-cooled, this bike has been made for any riders who want to get a light-weight, compact, powerful, friendly handling motorcycles to ride in both roads, on road and off road. Suzuki DR-Z engine provides a great performance and power (torque) on low RPM engine, it's mean you can beat all the street conditions, the trail, and other "bad roads" with the new 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S. What about the legal certificate? you are lucky the guy because now the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S has completely street legal!! so you can use it on the road for daily ride, it's also has come with electric engine starter for easy ride. Greats.

Actually, I don't know what is or is there any difference between the 2012 DR-Z400S edition with older edition od DR-Z400S such as 2009 Suzuki DRZ400S edition, but the new 2012 edition looks better style. Both of bikes uses the same engine capacity, same tires size, same seat height, same curb weight, same bore stroke, even same the MPG.

Well, what about the prices? hmm you will agree that the new edition will more expensive right? the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S prices has started from $6,199 (base MSRP) while the 2009 prices started from MSRP $6,099, but the new prices is still worth to buy, $100 for extra pay is still okay for 2 years edition changes right?

2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S - Main Features and Specs
- Powerful engine on LOW RPM
- 398cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single cylinder, DOHC
- Bore X Stroke : 90.0 X 62.6 mm (3.543 X 2.465 in)
- Compression Ratio : 11.3 : 1
- Fuel System : MIKUNI BSR36, single
- Forged aluminum piston
- Equipped with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Materials
- Electronic ignition (CDI)
- 5-speed transmission
- Magnesium-alloy clutch, magneto and cam covers
- 250mm front disc with dual-piston caliper
- 220mm rear disc brake with a single-piston caliper
- Digital display instrument
- Long travel (11.3 in), 49mm cartridge-style forks with protective rubber boots
- 935 mm (36.8 in) of seat height
- 144 kg (317 lbs) of Curb Weight, and many more.

Suzuki motorcycles looks still comfort with the Suzuki DR-Z400S style and performance, as you can see that Suzuki motorcycles didn't making any changes for 2012 DRZ400S bike, the engine and style of this bike still looks the same as older series but I love the "street legal" label features, so you can ride this bike anytime and anywhere. Enjoy.


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