Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yamaha 250cc Sport-Bike : Still Studying for it?

Actually, this news is too stale, why not? when Honda and Kawasaki have introduced their 250cc sport-bike class, Yamaha seemly still not interest for making 250cc sport-bike type (until today), even Suzuki motorcycles has released the new Suzuki Innazuma 250 (Suzuki GW250) with no-fairing style, but it still better than Yamaha motorcycles with none 250cc motorcycles for global product. I know that Yamaha Fazer 250 is one of 250cc motorcycles from Yamaha, but it's looks too old for fighting with another 250cc bike. So, Yamaha, when you will give a 250cc sportbike for your fans in around the world?
Yamaha 250cc
YAMAHA Fazer 250cc, it has around 21HP of maximum power

As you can see, the maximum power of Fazer 250cc is not enough for fighting with another 250cc in the market, the 21HP of max power is to small for 250cc of engine capacity, as you known that Honda CBR250cc has more than 25HP and the Kawasaki Ninja 250cc power has more than 30HP, so Yamaha must do something for it.

I thing this is one of the best news for Yamaha motorcycles fans, if you waiting for Yamaha 250cc sport-bike, Yamaha motorcycles reportedly still studying for making a 250cc sportbike, based from news, Yamaha now looks interested for making 250cc sport-bike, it's because the market place of 250cc motorcycles has been enlarged and still growing, also now many of motorcycle riders need more than 150cc or 200cc motorcycles, they need more powerful sport-bike motorcycles with friendly of prices.

So, is it really will happen? I hope it so. If Yamaha still do nothing, I think a lot of their fans will go away from Yamaha and try to ride another motorcycles from other brands such as try to ride CBR250R from Honda, Kawasaki ninja 250, even for new Suzuki 250 street-bike. I love Yamaha sport-bikes design such as R1 or R6, even R15, but for 250cc Yamaha has missed it, there is no another way for making a good position for Yamaha without "making the all new Yamaha 250cc sport-bike series". I hope Yamaha can understand it, and hopefully they will give a new 250cc sport-bike for us soon, pray for it guys and good luck.


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