Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pulsar 200NS : Good Specs, Lovely Motorcycles Prices !!

All right, Pulsar 200NS looks will be the next star in the future, why not? In the name of the Pulsar series, the new Pulsar 200 NS edition has given good motorcycles specs, and great first impression which is so charming style as street-bikes. As you know, the Pulsar 200NS has been equipped with many many new features which it you can't found it in older Pulsar family, for example the rear disk brakes system with 230mm of disk size, Pulsar 200NS now has come with more advance braking system, it's better for safety and better looks appears, so if you like speeding on the road, now you can do it with comfortable, great.
Pulsar 200NS
Good specs, that is the right name for the all new 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200NS street motorcycles edition, actually, I don't care about another new features from this bike but I love 2 things from Pulsar 200NS, friendly and lovely prices, also better engine specs than another Pulsar series, you can found the Triple spark technology, Liquid-cooled, six-speed transmission and beautiful Exhaust TEC enhanced centrally mounted style, is good enough right? you can read full specs here : Bajaj Pulsar 200NS specs.

Better engine design, cheap prices, and awesome looks appears. The prices of new Pulsar 200NS will below their competitor such as Yamaha R15 2.0, and you will be happy for it, if you want to buy a powerful motorcycles with amazing style, 2012 Pulsar 200NS is one of the best in it class (200cc) and I believe that none can say "I don't like Pulsar 200NS". Actually, almost of Pulsar series has give a good performance, nice handling and very very comfortable, it's all based from my experience when riding the Pulsar 180 edition, so which better engine specs, Pulsar 200NS looks interesting for Me even for all motorcycles riders in around the world.

Unfortunately, Pulsar 200NS not yet released in another country except in India, I don't know is it will be ready for American, European, and others or not. So if you living in America, Portugal, Spain and in others country (Not in India), you have to do more to get Pulsar 200NS.

In 200cc motorcycles series, we will found a lot of motorcycles series, starting from street series such as Suzuki Innazuma 250, KTM Duke, sport-bikes faring style edition like Honda CBR250, Ninja 250, and many more, but Pulsar 200NS looks will be the favorite motorcycles cause it has comes with lower engine capacity 200cc but powerful and very nice design and of course it has cheaper of prices than others. What about the performance like top-speed, acceleration and real handling test? well we will see it more in the next post but the results looks will not disappoint you. Good luck guys and congratulations for Bajaj Auto, good job.


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