Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Best Motorcycles Games for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Fans

Are you ready for playing Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R super-sport motorcycle on the computer? you should better try to play SBK-X PC games. Actually, I have posted about this motorcycles games for PC here (SBK-X game), but today I want to show you what is Ninja ZX-10R looks on SBK-X, here is the samples pics from as the SBK-X official site

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R on SBK-X pc games
Best motorcycles games ever for Ninja lover, as you can see on the image, the Ninja ZX-10R looks great, tires, brakes, head-lamp, graphics decals, everything good. The details of Ninja ZX-10R looks great and so details, if you can see on the pic, the rider on the bike also detailed, helmet, race wear, and another wear parts has better than the previous version of SBK a few days I ago, I have tried this games with maximum setting on my PC and I loved it so much.

Actually, the real game graphics/details on the real display is better than on the pics above, the light, motorcycles details, riders characters and anything is better. You can do anything with your bikes on SBK-X, playing quick race or try to play simulation are one of the menus on the games. Here is more about SBK-K PC games information, based from SBK-X official site.

Ninja-ZX-10R on SBK-X

Game Features - Quoted from
  • ARCADE MODE: SBK X assures fun for all, allowing experienced and inexperienced players alike to race for the title both online and offline.
  • SIMULATION MODE: SBK X has not overlooked its two wheeler enthusiasts, and has further elaborated the game's realism. Are you ready to prove yourself.
  • FULLY LICENSED: discover the excitement of the championship in three differente categories (Superstock, WSS, SBK) and challenge more than 90 real drivers on their bikes on the official circuits.
  • CAREER MODE: : start an incredible adventure on two wheels from scratch and build your career by climbing all the categories of the Superbike championship… Be your own manager, choosing your offers and obtaining promotions (but also dismissals!) according to your results.
  • STORY MODE: A totally new feature of arcade mode, story mode lets you live the ride to the championship of SBK through a series of challenges that will determine your destiny among the champions of the Superbike.
  • COSTUMIZATION: create your driver and customize him every detail, then prove his abilities in all game modes...
  • EVOLVING TRACK: SBK X is based on a system that modifies the condition of the track based on grind from the bikes; this means that, on a dry track, the asphalt builds up skid marks in breaking points and acceleration, while in the case of a wet track, it dries along the ideal trajectory. So the track isn't just a marginal element but has become a fundamental aspect of the driving experience...
  • GRAPHICS: Compared to SBK 09, this new episode boasts superior graphical detail. Every graphic element has undergone a substantial improvement: from the sky, that has a definition four times higher compared to the past, to the public, now completely in 3D and interactive, to the trackside objects, rebuilt in detail.
  • MULTIPLAYER UP TO 16 PLAYERS: the online mode has broadened its horizons, offering you the possibility to race against 15 opponents and opening the doors to both main game modes (arcade and simulation)!
Oh I love it so much, if you're not the Ninja fans, you can try to ride another motorcycles brands on SBK-X such as BMW series, Suzuki GSX-R series, Ducati and many more. Well, SBK-X (Superbike 2011) game has fully my needs (playing motorcycles games with high quality graphics), and you can play it using your PC, X-BOX or PS3 (not sure about this console). Well guys, enjoy the games and feel the real World Superbike riders!!.


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