Friday, 10 February 2012

Yamaha Filano

Yamaha Filano
Yamaha Filano is one of scooters bike from Yamaha that has been released in Thailand, as one of "cool" scooter series, Yamaha Filano also has been born with many features. It's almost the same with another Yamaha scooter in Thailand market place, this bike has powered by 115cc (113cc) of engine capacity, 4-stroke, 2 valve, fuel-injection system with YMJET tech, and also air-cooled. If you always visiting this blog, you will know that Yamaha Filano is almost the same with Yamaha Nozza series, I have written about Nozza in this blog, so what is difference between Filano and Nozza? well let see together.
Yamaha Filano scooter

Engine Capacity     113cc                     113cc 
Engine Type         4-stroke, SOCH, 2-valve   4-stroke, SOCH, 2 valve 
Cooling             Air-Cooled                Air-Cooled
Fuel System         Injection                 Injection
Fuel Capacity       4.4 liters                4.4 liters
Seat Height         755mm                     755mm
Front Tyre          90/90-12 44J              90/90-12 44J
Rear Tyre           90/90-12 54J              90/90-12 54J
Both of Nozza and Filano has the same specs !!
Yamaha Filano white color
Well, Yamaha Filano looks like "Man style of Nozza", yes I thinks it's true, while the Nozza comes with girl icon, the new 2012 Yamaha Filano has comes with young man icon. Yamaha Filano has been born with modern classic scooter style, as you can see on the images, Yamaha Filano equipped with rounded head-lamp style,rounded mirror, classic body style and also classic speedometer display. I have written about the mysterious motorcycles from Yamaha HERE, and I thing that is Filano, but I was wrong there is not. Well, if you want to try the classic scooter series from Yamaha, you will meet 2 series, Nozza for the girls, and Yamaha Filano for the man, both of bikes looks almost the same but the Filano has added some decal on the front side which it to showing the man style, and the colors variants looks better than Nozza, Nozza colors loos smoother while the Filano looks so solid, so don't be confuse just choose by your gen, it's easy. Enjoy your ride and keep safety.


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