Friday, 3 February 2012

2012 Honda Gold Wing - Six Cylinder Motorcycles !!

2012 Honda Gold Wing
Based from Honda touring motorcycles series, the latest six-cylinder engine motorcycles 2012 Honda Gold Wing has been presented by Honda and you can find it on their site. You have to know that Honda Gold Wing is super premium touring motorcycles, it has powered by 1832cc of engine capacity, SOCH, two valves per cylinder !! Gold Wing looks so powerful and strong with it all. Honda Gold Wing has been created for riding with comfortable, for running with high speed, and it has come up with a charming appearance, but how much does it cost? well 2012 Honda Gold Wing price starting at $23,890 , is it to expensive? well guys everything is proportional to the quality and performance!!. In fact, I very rarely to see a 6-cylinder motorcycle, Honda as one of the best motorcycles brand in the market has known it, with the new 2012 Honda Gold Wing edition, you can easy to try even to ride a six-cylinder motorcycle now.
2012 Honda Gold Wing - blue color
2012 Honda Gold Wing Main Specs : 6-cylinder Honda motorcycles, 1832cc of engine displacement, SOHC, 2-valves per cylinder, equipped with Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 5-speed transmission, and more specs HERE

What's the new things from 2012 edition? check this all
2012 Honda Gold Wing black
- New seat cover and urethane seat material
- Improved Wind and Weather Protection
- Lockable Glove-box
- Audio System with Surround Sound
- iPod connectivity
- Clear-Coated Wheels
- Enhanced Storage capacity
That's all new features for the all new Gold Wing 2012 edition, and here is the basic features of this bike.

2012 Honda Gold Wing Red
- Adjustable windscreen
- Satelite-Linked Navigation System
- XM Satelite Radio/Weather/Traffic
- Air BAg
- Heated grips/seat
- New styling
- Improved Ride Quality
- Combined Anti-Lock Brakes (Combined ABS)
- Tire-Pressure Monitoring System
- Pro-Arm Rear Swing-arm, and more

Truly, I'm not a adventure rider, but I like the Gold Wing because this bikes has amazing engine with 6-cylinder edition, I know that it's not a super-bike series with super performance for riding on the road, but if we comparing it with another touring motorcycles, 2012 Honda Gold Wing is the best, best for engine, best for comfortable ride, best for hi-tech features technology, and amazing modern style. Want to try the real touring bikes? yous should better try to ride Gold Wing. Enjoy.


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