Friday, 27 January 2012

Yamaha Mio Fino Commercial TV Video

Finally, we can see the real Mio Fino scooter, Yamaha has added the new Yamaha Mio Fino commercial TV video into Youtube video. Fino is the new Yamaha scooters for Indonesia marketplace, it's comes with more than one series/style and comes with 7 colors variant, if you want to know more about this bike, I has written about this bike in this post. So here we go the all new Yamaha Mio Fino commercial TV video from yamahamotorindonesia channel at youtube. Have Fun

As you can see, Fino is awesome classic style scooter, the style and design looks so pretty, it's also has released with rich of graphics or decal.

Actually, Yamaha motorcycles has added the Fino scooter in another country, this mini scooter is already to buy (in dealer)in many country, I has found the Fino from Thailand or also in Philippine, in 2010, Fino has also already to ride but not yet in Indonesia, so if I have to tell the truth, Mio Fino is the next gen of old Fino edition. The old Fino series has comes with lest colors, and looks just solid colors only, but today (2012) Yamaha has replaced the old Fino into the all new fresh Mio Fino (for Indonesian).

- Yamaha Motorcycles Indonesia (Facebook Page)
- YamamaMotorIndonesia channel at YouTube

So which is your favorite Mio Fino colors/style? well I thing the sporty edition is one of the best of Fino series, I like the classic too, it's perfect for riding with high-class style. Great scooters motorcycles from Yamaha. Enjoy your ride and good luck for all of you.


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