Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 - Prices and Features

2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker 125
For 2010 edition, Kawasaki U.K has released the prices for Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 around £2,999. As you known it, Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 (125cc) is one of small motorcycles from Kawasaki that comes with unique street motorcycles style, equipped with 125cc of engine capacity, SOHC 2-valve, single cylinder, fuel-injection, air cooled with 5 speed transmission, 2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker has produces 10 PS of maximum power, is it not bad for 125cc motorcycles right? you can read more specs here - 2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker 125.

The prices of 2010 Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 is quite interesting for me, it's has below £3,000 (taken January 2012), with good engine specs and power performance, D-Tacker 125 has made for new riders who want to try the small beast bikes from Kawasaki.

So here we go the D-Tacker 125 features based from Kawasaki U.K official website, check this out.

  1. Air-cooled SOHC 2-valve 125 cm3 single has a power output of 10 PS.
  2. The all-new steel perimeter frame was custom-built for the 125 cm³ class. Its high rigidity, compact size and light weight offer excellent handling qualities and contribute to easy manoeuvrability. A combination of form and function, the frame was also designed to be easy to grip with the legs, offering superior chassis control for the rider.
  3. Fully digital instrument panel includes digital speedometer, bar-type tachometer, clock, odometer, trip meter and FI and low fuel warning lamps.
  4. Selected as best match for the 125 cm³ class-specific chassis, small rim and tyre sizes contribute to the compact package and enhance manoeuvrability. The D-TRACKER 125 features 14” wheels front and rear.
  5. The D-TRACKER 125 features a big-bike style FI system (where fuel pump, injector and throttle body are all separate pieces). This type of system reduces the chance of air ingestion, making it ideal for spirited sports riding.
  6. Because the chassis components were designed specifically for the 125 cm3 class, the D-TRACKER 125 offers a lightweight, compact package with a low seat height.
  7. Petal brake discs front and rear provide superb stopping power. In addition to helping reduce unsprung weight, the wave shapes of the petal discs help clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance.
  8. With all chassis components designed specifically for the 125 cm³ class (rather than borrowed from larger-displacement models), the D-TRACKER 125 has very well-balanced proportions that adds to its sharp appearance. (taken from Kawi official site : http://www.kawasaki.co.uk)
You have to know that Kawasaki motorcycles alos has released more than one series of D-Tracker series, there also available for 250cc edition, it's better that 125cc with more performance, so if you think that 125 is to small for you, you can go to D-Tracker 250cc series. Good luck.


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