Saturday, 17 December 2011

200cc Motorcycles? Why Not?

While people looking for super motorcycles with more than 600cc of engine capacity, there also some people who hated this class? why? okay let see the prices of super-sport motorcycles series. The bikes with more than 600cc usually comes with expensive of prices, it's around more than $5,000 (average), this class usually liked by enthusiast motorcycles rider who need extra performance from their bikes, but not all people needs it right? I know that we can feel more speed, and we can try to testing our adrenaline with strong bike, but it's true? of course.

200cc motorcycles class is not so popular as 600cc bikes or 1000cc bikes, we can easy to find 600cc motorcycles such as , Ducati 696, Triumph Daytona, Yamaha R6, Suzuki GSX-R 600, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R and also Honda CBR600RR
Honda CBR600RR
and for 1000cc motorcycles class we can found Yamaha R1, BWM S1000RR, CBR1000RR, Ninja ZX-10R and Suzuki GSX-R 1000, but where is the bikes for 200cc class?
So far, 250cc motorcycles like Kawasaki 250, Hyosung GTR 250 or CBR250R are most popular, the 250cc is great motorcycles class for beginner riders. So let see the 200cc class, if I have to tell the truth, I can't found more 200cc street motorcycles in the motorcycles market today, just KTM Duke 200 that has comes for us with street-style series.
KTM Duke 200
I thing peoples who need more style than performance will like the 200cc motorcycles, why? come on guys, the prices is one of the most important thing from one products, so if they thing that 250cc bikes like Ninja 250R or CBR250R are expensive, they have to try 200cc motorcycles like KTM 200 with lower prices. You have to know that Duke 200 has more than 20PS of maximum power, so is it not enough for you? where you want to ride with a bike? in the city? the 200cc with more than 20HP is more more than enough for you.

Now, there is one question, is there any motorcycles manufactures who want to create a 200cc streetbike series? I thing that 200cc is more powerful than 150cc motorcycles and also has cheaper than 250cc right? so what about you? do you want to ride a 200cc motorcycles? or not? and why?.. let discusses here. Enjoy your days and keep always thing about safety ride.


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