Monday, 21 November 2011

2011 Yamaha C3 - 50cc Scooter Motorcycles

It's hot box on the 2 wheels scooter 50cc motorcycles !! it's 2011 Yamaha C3 scooter. Cute 50cc scooter, that is the perfect name for 2011 Yamaha C3, if you always meet the standard or retro scooter style, Yamaha motorcycles looks so smart with created the Yamaha C3 with unique design scooter, functionally, light weight, modern engine tech, and also cheap prices. The key of this 50cc scooter is Box Style, as you can see on the images below, Yamaha C3 looks like a real box but can running on the road, it's no only about ride with easy, it's also about what can you bring with your scooter?.

2011 Yamaha C3
On the engine specifications, 2011 Yamaha C3 uses 49cc of engine displacement, it's liquid-cooled, fuel-injection, SOHC, 4-stroke, single cylinder with 3-valves, electric starting, and full automatic of transmission. Yamaha C3 claimed has 115mpg of fuel consumption and 1.2-gallon tank of gas, it's totally scooter for worker who need stylish and useful vehicle.
2011 Yamaha C3 - 50cc Scooter
Box Scooter Design : 2011 Yamaha C3 looks can bring everything, the box / cube design under the Yamaha C3 seat claimed has 9 gallons of total capacity, it's enough to put your helmet, or books, motorcycles tools, breakfast, or anything you like. For example, if you're the computer enthusiast user, you can put your motherboard, CPU, memory, vga card on this Yamaha C3 Box !! nice scooter bike for functionally !!.

What about the features? well let see together, on the front side, 2011 Yamaha C3 uses telescopic fork, 2.3-in travel, 110mm drum of drum brakes, and big tires about 120/90-10 of tire size and type. Back to the rear side, Yamaha C3 uses Unit swing, 2.2-in travel, 110mm drum drum brakes size, and 120/90-10 of rear tire size. Yamaha C3 also come with cast aluminum wheels type. Okay here is the points..

1. Unique style with large capacity of box scooter style
2. 50cc engine capacity with fuel-injection
3. Big tires both of side (120/90-10)
4. Cast wheels
5. Comfortable seat style
6. Cool instrument display
7. Easy handle bar swap
8. Kick starter available for backing the electric starter

2011 Yamaha C3 prices : $2,250

Good engine scooter with perfect function, that's 2011 Yamaha C3, while 50cc scooters motorcycles comes with standard design, Yamaha C3 has out the box with BOX style, if you looking for scooter with more functionality, 2011 Yamaha C3 is one of the best choice for you. Good luck and thumb's up for Yamaha.


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