Monday, 24 October 2011

Valentino Rossi After the Death of Super Sic Simoncelli

Who would have a thought that Simoncelli will die at a young age? and how Valentino Rossi feels after the death of the Super Sic "Simoncelli"?, I know He (Vale) will feel sad and miss Simoncelli, as same as Italian riders, they seem to have a close relationship. Simoncelli accidents has made shocked MotoGP lovers, it's a bad moment for Me as motorcycle rider. Well, Valentino Rossi and also Marco Simoncelli are the unique and real MotoGP entertainers, they also always given more attraction on the MotoGP championship, we love Simoncelli and also Vale will miss too.

Is Valentino Rossi going to retire? apparently not, but if we ask is He be a little traumatized? likely yes, however this incident was sudden, Simoncelli crash accident also involved Rossi bikes.

Here is the news about it, it's quoted from Reuters Canada
"Sic (Simoncelli) for me was like a youngest brother. So strong on the track and so sweet in normal life. I will miss him a lot," Rossi wrote.

Davide Brivio, his manager at former team Yamaha, denied widespread internet and media rumors that the 32-year-old was too upset to carry on racing.

"Many are asking about Vale stopping races. This is absolutely not true and I'm sorry even that I have to explain it," Brivio wrote on Twitter.

Valentino Rossi
I have one question from this accident,
"Is there any better safety gears on the MotoGP?"

So.. why it's must happen? I'm very glad if all riders will have more and more better safety ride gears soon. Hopefully Valentino Rossi will be more patient and will be back fighting in MotoGP as usual. We also must pray for Simoncelli and should say thank you because he has entertained all of us in MotoGP. Hopefully Simoncelli family and his friend stay in patient.
Hopefully everything will be okay.


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