Friday, 21 October 2011

Suzuki GW250 Videos - Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki GW250 is 250cc street motorcycles from Suzuki, the bike also called Baby B-King caused Suzuki GW250 had the appearance which is almost equal to B-King Suzuki as street motorcycles series. Today, Suzuki has released this 250 cc motorcycles in China, and it's seem Suzuki will release the GW250 in to Asia market first. Here there are the Suzuki GW250 videos, the first video is Suzuki GW250 official video from China, and the second is GW250 on the motorcycles show.

Basically, Suzuki GW250 comes with 4-stroke motorcycles type with 250cc of engine capacity and liquid-cooled. Suzuki GW250 rumored has 26hp @8500rpm of maximum power. Is it enough for 250cc bikes? well, the GW250 is not full sport race bike class like Ninja 250, Hyosung 250 or Honda CBR250, Suzuki GW250 is street bike with muscle shape design, the concept looks for semi-touring motorcycles and not sport race type.

Suzuki GW250 sounded will bring this motorcycles into Asia market, such as from HERE, but, some regions in Europe and America will also get this 250cc Suzuki motorcycle. Is Suzuki GW250 will successfully attract our attention? well it's defending Suzuki marketer strategy. After I watched the Suzuki GW250 video above, the GW250 looks great, strong shape design and the engine is not bad, but how much the price which will be offered by Suzuki motorcycles? They must calculating it more because we can found another 250cc motorcycles in the market with best design such Ninja 250 or latest Honda bike, CBR250R.


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