Monday, 12 September 2011

Yamaha R6 White Red Edition - I've found You !!

About 2 weeks ago, when I went to watch a movie in the theater, I saw a Yamaha R6 on the road, the special this for this R6 is white and red color edition, I just can saying "God.. Yamaha R6 white color edition is awesome !!". As we know, the popular color of Yamaha R6 is blue, same as Yamaha colors flagship, but another colors of R6 is not so popular and I rarely see on the street. The white red Yamaha R6 motorcycles dominated by clean white, the red colors just seen on the saddle and also decal kit. Here is the sample of white red Yamaha R6, found it on Youtube, hopefully this video is still available.

Below is 2010 Yamaha R6 White Edition, there is no red decal?? hmm
Yamaha R6 is middle super sport motorcycles from Yamaha that uses 599cc of engine capacity, liquid-cooled, inline 4-cylinder, 6-speed, fuel-injection system, DOHC, and also 16 titanium valves. What about the power of Yamaha R6? well a lot of Yamaha R6 shared about this bike and I thing Yamaha R6 is full race sport bike type, but the power is smooth delivery. This bike is enough for all days, cool appearance, nice full-sport faring style, and looks great with more colors series.

check more colors for 2011 Yamaha edition here : 2011 Yamaha R6 color, or Yamaha R6 specs and prices. To add more value of motorcycles, Yamaha should better add more colors for 2011 edition, today I can't found the white edition for 2011 Yamaha R6 and sounds not good for white bike lover.


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