Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nolan Helmets : X-602 : It's Casy Stoner Helmet Replica

Nolan X-602 is one of the best motorcycle helmet from Nolan Helmets, it's comes with Casey Stoner helmets replica. Nolan Helmet X-602 comes with light weight and it's comes from fiber shell, good aerodynamic ventilation system, UV rays protected, ant-fog and more.. This helmet looks comfortable and easy to use, fulled with standard safety features, Nolan X-602 also designed with cool color combination and also unique decal.
Nolan Helmets : X-602 Stoner replica
Nolan X-602 helmet dominated by red, blue, and white, this Nolan series looks perfect for all rider who have a full sport-bike series with that colors.

Nolan Helmets X-602 Specs and Features :
  1. Lightweight composite fiber shell (carbon, Kevlar®, Kural®, and fiberglass) is finished with a Hi-Brite protective clear coat.
  2. Aerodynamic ventilation system efficiently moves air with dual intakes and rear exhaust that is integrated into the built-in spoiler.
  3. UV 400 Lexan face shield blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and features tool-less, quick change ability.
  4. Dual-position shield mechanism securely locks shield closed or slightly-open for added ventilation.
  5. Integrated chinbar vents channel air onto face shield for effective defogging.
  6. Included anti-fog inserts are made of 100% anti-fog material and are unfoggable above 32°.
  7. Fully removable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, machine washable liner also features sweat-wicking capabilities.
  8. Removable cheek pads.
  9. Double D-Ring Retention System.
  10. ECE-2205 and DOT approved
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I thing it's great Helmet from Nolan for young people, and I guess it's look perfect for red Yamaha R1, or Red R1, Yamaha R6, Red Ducati bikes, or other sport bikes with red, white or blue colors. Nolan X-602 comes with sporty style and it's looks designed special for sporty bike style. Nice.


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