Monday, 19 September 2011

2012 Yamaha R1 - Available with TCS

2012 Yamaha R1 is rumored to be release in October 2011, or next month. What has changed in 2012 Yamaha R1? possible presence of TCS or Traction Control System is one of the feature that is very popular and lot discussed on the web, then what is TCS features? TCS is a system that we can set, TCS - traction control provides 7 levels, with this feature, 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1 is expected to provide comfort and better safety for the Yamaha R1 riders. As we know, the Yamaha R1 is a motorcycle with engine capacity nearly 1000cc, and powered by 4 cylinder, DOCH, Liquid-cooled, and Yamaha R1 has + - 180 hp @12.5000 of power, so the TCS will help all rider who want to ride the all new 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1 with more experience, more safety, and more comfortable.
2012 Yamaha R1
Here is one of the TCS means from wikipedia
A traction control system (TCS), also known as anti-slip regulation (ASR), is typically (but not necessarily) a secondary function of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) on production motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels. When invoked it therefore enhances driver control as throttle input applied is mis-matched to road surface conditions (due to varying factors) being unable to manage applied torque.

Intervention consists of one or more of the following:

- Reduces or suppress spark sequence to one or more cylinders
- Reduce fuel supply to one or more cylinders
- Brake force applied at one or more wheels
- Close the throttle, if the vehicle is fitted with drive by wire throttle
- In turbo-charged vehicles, a boost control solenoid can be actuated to reduce boost and therefore engine power.

Typically, traction control systems share the electro-hydraulic brake actuator (but does not use the conventional master cylinder and servo), and wheel speed sensors with the anti-lock braking system.
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How much the price of 2012 Yamaha R1 and has offered by Yamaha? for the normal price with basic Yamaha colors blue and white, price of 2012 Yamaha R1 in the range of $13,990, while for the version of MotoGP 50 years Anniversary, the colors are red and white, Yamaha will sell this bike at a price around $14,490, you can read more it here (2012 Yamaha R1 limited edition), for this version, Yamaha only produce as many as 2000 units.


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