Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rossi rumored want to comeback to Honda MotoGP Team

MotoGP rider who came from Italy, Valentino Rossi, rumored want to comeback to Honda MotoGP team, Valentino Rossi, who is currently struggling with Ducati in 2011 MotoGP did not show a good performance so far to be able to compete with the other motogp riders such as riders from Honda, and also from Yamaha. This news certainly makes me and also you may ask, is Ducati motorcycles did not make Rossi comfortable? is it to hard to handle? is it hard to ride? why Rossi and Ducati did not be the best right now? what's wrong?
Valentino Rossi with Ducati GP bike
If we thinking  again about the Ducati with Stoner a few years ago, Ducati MotoGP team is one that could be the best in the race, even Ducati has wont the motogp champion few years ago, the question is, why Valentino Rossi can not act like Stoner in Ducati team?
Back to the Valentino Rossi rumored want to comeback to Honda MotoGP team news, guys in 2009, there was news that seemed to say that Honda is still interested in the figure of Valentino Rossi, but now the conditions and things were different, Honda has been at the top Motogp right now, and it seems like Honda does not need Rossi for now, because Stoner and Honda was great job team so far. I need to reiterate, this is only the gossip, even some news stating that this is a joke news from Rossi. well, let's look at this news prominently in the future.


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