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Husaberg FE570S - Enduro Motorcycles

This bike was completed with ton of Enduro motorcycles features, Husaberg FE570S is 565.5cc Enduro bike, comes with 4-stroke single cylinder and also liquid cooled. The key points of Husaberg FE570S is strong middle class engine and great chassis, it's good features for perfect handling and of course it's easy to ride for beginner. Here is the completed details of Husaberg FE570S, taken from official website at husaberg.com. Check this out.
Husaberg FE570S
Husaberg FE570S Features :
  • Engine : + sports-oriented compact engine design with revolutionary layout + reduced to the minimum + optimum handling thanks to 70° cylinder angle and crankshaft position close to bike's centre of gravity + easy starting + the hightest reliability
  • Kehin Engine Management : 42 mm throttle body in direct downdraught + optimum flow from the airbox to the cylinder + 2 alternative mappings selectable (map-select switch available as a Husaberg part)
  • Valve Train : New valve spring retainers made of stronger material guarantee greater reliability under heavy loads in the highest rpm ranges.
  • Electric Starter : Starting at the push of a button, in every situation by means of precisely controlled state-of-the-art engine management, no need for a kickstarter, minimum engine weight
  • Triple Clamps : Classy triple clamps machined from a single piece are fitted as standard to all Husaberg models. This results in precise clamping of the fork tubes, which supports the flawless function of the forks.
  • Exhaust : The integrated stainless steel exhaust manifold offers optimum protection from damage by rocks and prevents all direct contact with the rider.
    - Transmission : All engine versions are equipped with a perfectly graduated 6-gear transmission, with a narrower spread in the FX.
  • Clutch : Designed for extreme loads, hydraulic clutch actuation system from Magura, integrated torque cushion, perfect application, FLEX clutch lever, hinges forwards up to 90°, reduces risk of breakage
Husaberg FE570S Enduro bike
  • Handlebars : High-strength aluminium alloy Neken tapered handlebars guarantee the highest levels of stiffness and safety. Mountable in 4 different positions.
  • Chrome Molybdenum Frame
    The lightweight double-cradle perimeter design guarantees the highest levels of torsional rigidity and assured directional stability. Extremely slim lower tube loops. Minimal overall width. Unbeatable ground clearance.
  • Frame : For greater stiffness, the engineers have significantly reinforced the area of the frame around the steering head on the 4-stroke models, reduced frame flex at the decisive points, substantially improved stability of the bike at high speeds, absolutely precise control of the front wheel
  • PDS Shock : Fully adjustable PDS shock absorber with optimised settings for even better traction and stability. Adjustable rebound damping and variable high- and low-speed compression damping guarantee the perfect configuration for the most diverse conditions.
  • Swingarm : Super-light cast aluminium swingarm, holds the directly attached PDS shock, greatest degree of directional stability, plenty of traction and comfort
  • Silencer : Particularly light and manufactured from high quality aluminium, ensuring that the silencer complies with all statutory noise limits.
  • Closed Cartridge Fork : The latest WP closed cartridge USD fork with 48 mm diameter signifies a new dimension in the field of enduro suspension. The fully adjustable 48 mm fork from WP Suspension ensures comfortable response and large damping reserves. In conjunction with the CNC-machined triple clamps, this guarantees more assured control of the front wheel.
  • Brakes : The latest Brembo front brake for optimum braking performance with a minimum of effort. Effective single-piston rear brake caliper. Ultra-light Wave discs for best possible deceleration and efficient self-cleaning of the brakes.
  • Rear Subframe : Crosslinked polyethylene guarantees the highest levels of strength at the same time as reduced weight. Numerous electronic components are embedded perfectly in the subframe. Now in black.
  • AirBox : Positioned directly behind the tank cap, it is covered by the front part of the seat. The raised airbox position guarantees cool, clean intake air and maximum wading depth. Intake port in direct downdraught from the filter to the cylinder.
  • Fuel Tank : The 8.5 litre capacity, slim fuel tank extends way under the seat, providing a favourable centre of gravity, and is equipped with a compact fuel pump as well as a reserve sensor. The transparent polyethylene also allows the fuel level to be determined from the outside.

Husaberg FE570 Full Specifications :

Engine type : Single cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement : 565.5 cc
Bore/Stroke : 100/72 mm
Compression ratio : 12.2:1
Starter/Battery : Electric starter/12V 7Ah/Electric starter/12V 7Ah
Transmission :6 gears
Fuel system : Keihin EFI
Control : 4 V/OHC with rocker levers
Lubrication : Pressure lubrication with 2 oil pumps
Engine Oil : Motorex, SAE 10W-50
Primary ratio : 33:76
Secondary drive : 13:38 (13:52)
Cooling : Liquid cooling
Clutch : Wet multi-disc clutch, hydraulically operated
Engine Management System : Keihin
Frame : Double cradle perimeter design 25CrMo4
Subframe : Cross-linked Polyethylene
Handlebar : Neken, Aluminium Ø 28/22 mm
Front suspension : WP-USD Ø 48 mm Closed Cartridqe
Rear suspension : WP-PDS DCC shock absorber
Suspension travel front/rear : 300/335 mm
Front/rear brakes : Disc brake Ø 260 mm/Disc brake Ø 220 mm
Front/rear rims : 1.60 x 21'' DID/2.15 x 18'' DID
Front/rear tires : 90/90-21''; 140/80-18''
Chain : X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4"
Silencer : Aluminium
Steering Head Angle : 63.5°
Wheel base : 1,475 ± 10 mm
Ground clearance : 390 mm
Seat height : 985 mm
Tank capacitiy : approx. 8.5 litres
Weight : approx. 114.5 kg


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