Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kawasaki W800 Prices and Galleries

Today, Kawasaki W800 retro style motorcycles comes with all great features and of course with powerful engine. Kawasaki W800 prices started at £6,649 which includes VAT at the new rate of 20%. If you want to know more about this motorcycles, you should better check my another article about this bike here (Kawasaki W800 Features or Kawasaki W800 Specs). And here they are the Kawasaki W800 galleries taken from Kawasaki official website.

Kawasaki W800 Galleries
Kawasaki W800
Kawasaki W800 front side
Kawasaki W800 rear side
Kawasaki W800 Rear side
Kawasaki W800 left view
Left View
Kawasaki W800 rider
Kawasaki W800 and rider..

Visit here (kawasaki.co.uk) for more detail. Basically, Kawasaki W800 born to the road with all high classic retro style design, such windshield, classic instrument display, engine design, single seat,and also powerful engine 773 cc of engine capacity.


Eric said...

Too bad this bike isn't available in the US, it is a beautiful ride that looks more like a classic Triumph then the current retro Triumphs do. :)

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