Saturday, 9 July 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Owners Manual - Download Price for 2011 Edition

If you need a Kawasaki ninja 250r owners manual for your 2011 Ninja 250 edition, you have to know the prices. Well, I have check the prices around $15.95 (From Kawasaki official website)
2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Sometimes, we need to know more about motorcycles and of course we need this owners manual book. However, many of people who have lost this owner manual book, then how do We get it back? It is very easy, we could go to the Kawasaki motorcycle dealer and buy directly, but if we want to save the time, and if we are too busy with our work, the easiest way is to buy online, we can download Kawasaki ninja 250r owners manual at Kawasaki official website, it's save your time and easy to do, right?

I do not know yet, what file format are we going to get, may form an image file, can also pdf files. Go here ..
Menu Steps :
-- Purchase Manuals
-- Manual
-- Select your motorcycles type
-- Download it !!
Good luck and have a nice day.


Dennis said...

Hi there, anyone interested with the 250R service manual can drop me an email we talk business ( little confession 1st, I don't own the bike yet but I'm a diehard fan n literally know everything about it though Im slowly adding up the little change I get here n there n soon I'll join the club :)

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