Monday, 25 July 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250r Automatic,, What??

I actually wanted to laugh to write this, after reading the question, is there available Kawasaki ninja 250r automatic transmission in the market? Peoples who looking the ninja 250r with automatic transmission is not real rider!! Kawasaki with Ninja Family is sport-bikes motorcycles series that comes with real bike features, I means it's not for stupid or people who can't ride a real bike. Come on guy.. there is no available automatic ninja 250r !!
Kawasaki ninja 250r
Kawasaki ninja 250r is beginner motorcycles with smooth power delivery, light weight and easy to ride even perfect handling for real new rider, so.. if you're looking for automatic motorcycles, you should better check the scooters type, but wait.. can ninja 250r transform to automatic transmission? well I don't know but if you do that, you have to clean Ninja label on the bike ^_^ .

Once again, Kawasaki ninja 250 is light weight motorcycles, so if you want to ride it, you have to learn ride a bike, how to shift and how to hold and release the motorcycles clutch, it's not very hard if you want to do. So keep practice to ride before you ride a real sport bike. Keep safety ride.


Anonymous said...

That's BS. A manual trans is no fun. You need to speak proper English too.

Admin said...

Do U understand "what is the main points" from this post? I hope it so.. I am still learning but I have tried the best.. thanks a lot..

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