Friday, 22 July 2011

Do not Ever Forget an Motorcycles Oil Change

This afternoon, my Dad will ride my motorcycle, He would to go and visit friend at a distance of approximately 150km, however, there is a problem that I have forgotten, this bike is rare to use, this bike usually ride on the street only on Sundays, I have 2 motorcycles, My Dad also have 2 Piaggio bikes while still and always in the garage. The problem is "I haven't to change the oli on my bikes !!" and which will be used by my father. On the speedometer, I saw 12,000 km is the total km that has been achieved by this bike, last oil change on this bike at the total distance of 11.000, and if according to the manual book , 2000km - 3000km is a great time for an oil change
Motorcycles Oil Change
Do not Ever Forget an Motorcycles Oil Change !!
If we want to keep our motorcycles in the best condition, Oil of motorcycles is one of the most important to remember, change it with new one if the bike always ride everyday, The prices of good quality motorcycles oil around $50 - $100

Changing oil of motorcycles is very easy, if you feel lazy to go to motorcycles service center, you can do it manually, how to do that? I will post it latter. So.. the point is motorcycles oil is important thing that you must always care, so keep your motorcycles oil in good condition and don't forget it. Cheers


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