Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Suzuki GS500f - Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki GS500f is 500cc motorcycle from Suzuki, this bike was very popular and it is one of GS500 series. "Suzuki GS500f" is fairing type of Suzuki GS500 family. Introduced in 2004, the GS500f is the next series after GS500E, both of series is almost same and looks similar, but Suzuki GS500f today comes with fully sport style looks with enclosed fairing.
Suzuki GS500f
2009 Suzuki GS500f
Suzuki GS500f
Today, The Suzuki GSF500F fairing make this motorcycles better style and more beauty than before (GS500e), it's comfortable motorcycle for daily riding even for your weekend riding. GS500f is not 100% full sport racing motorcycles such as GSXR family, GS500F Suzuki is friendly motorcycles with smooth engine, good engine brake system with strong disk brake and more. Suzuki GS500F is still available in Canada, Australia and Denmark.

2009 Suzuki GS500f Features :
- Air cooled oil cooler
- Two into one exhaust
- Twin 34mm Mikuni carburetors for smooth power delivery, strong acceleration and fuel efficiency
- 59 MPG
- Low seat height
- Reliable
- Smooth shifting 6-speed transmission
- Strong front and rear disc brakes
- Proven 487cc 4-stroke, twin cylinder DOHC engine
- 12 month limited warranty
- GSX-R inspired styling
- Full fairing provides sport styling and increased rider comfort
- GSX-R inspired vertical headlight

I can't saying that Suzuki GS500f is the best 500cc motorcycles, but it's good motorcycle from Suzuki, with strong and friendly smooth engine power, sporty fairing style and GSXR headlamp style, Suzuki GS500f is good bike for beginner rider or for daily ride, it's better handling and easy to use with low seat hight.


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