Monday, 20 June 2011

Aprilia RS50

Aprilia RS50 is little monster motorcycle from Aprilia, that's all right, comes with only 50 cc of engine capacity, but Aprilia RS50 produced a high performance 2 strokes motorcycles with awesome design like Super Bike style even you can find the Aprilia RS50 with SBK replica on the Aprilia official website!
Aprilia RS50
Today, a lot of motorcycles manufactures released motorcycles that powered with "big capacity of engine", but I thing Aprilia has a great way to keep Aprilia RS50 still available in the market and still exist for two stroke lover, this is a good 50cc bike idea for fully all new riders who wanted speed lover, and of course the two stroke sound fans like Me ha ha.
Aprilia RS50 White color
Aprilia RS50 Engine :
This bike comes with 49,9 cc of engine capacity, liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke type, 6 speed with anti-vibration balancer shaft, it's looks not 50cc motorcycles, it's like super sportbike series!!, what about the real performance from this Aprilia RS50 edition, well Aprilia claimed that RS50 produced 6.25 kW at 10,000 rpm!!, with light weight design, this bike has great acceleration and I thing it's really nice 50cc sport bike!!

Aprilia RS50 Key Features
- 50cc Engine with 2 stroke type
- Aluminium swingarm
- Liquid-cooled
- Euro 2, two-stroke engine
- 6-Speed transmission
- Lightweight wheels with ‘Y’ spokes
- Aprilia RSV fairing inspired
- Radial caliper front brake
- Analog/digital instruments, etc..

Aprilia RS50 is complete 50cc motorcycles, yes and I give 2 Thumbs Up for this Aprilia motorcycles series, no matter who you're, if you like the racing looks motorcycles with two strokes engine, and 50cc of engine capacity, Aprilia RS50 is number 1 for it class, good frame design, good engine features, 100% beauty style and fairing added, it's enough for Me. Good Job Aprilia you're done !!


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