Friday, 8 April 2011

Yamaha Byson Colors : White, Black, Blue and Red

These are some colors of the "Yamaha Byson", this motorcycle has a different name in India, and it's called Yamaha FZ16, and of course named Byson for Indonesia, in fact, according to my personal observation, the key of Yamaha Byson is style and design, if I see the engine of Yamaha Byson, I think nothing too special from this bike, but if you ever see this bike directly, you will definitely say "this bike is very beautiful", here is Yamaha Byson colors variant from Yamaha official website
Yamaha Byson Colors Red
Yamaha Byson Red color
Yamaha Bison / Byson is street fighter style, with low to medium power, Yamaha Byson is good bike for newbie
Yamaha Byson white
Yamaha Byson white color
Yamaha Byson Black
Yamaha Byson Black
Yamaha Byson Blue
Yamaha Byson Blue color

Yamaha provides many of color to choices for their consumers, I think this is a good step from Yamaha motorcycles, and usually, every prospective buyer will see motorcycles of the design, colors variant and also ability of the bike, with a large selection of Yamaha Byson colors, Yamaha has been in a good way.


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