Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Suzuki Bandit and Special Rider

A few years ago when I'm still in My University, I have meet a few rider who riding their bike and there is "Suzuki Bandit" series. I always feel amazed, when I noticed the rider of Suzuki Bandit, they are looks so modern, cool and also it's like Special Rider, with a sturdy display of this motorcycles, Suzuki Bandit is very beautiful to see, but I'm not only just look at his design, I was also impressed with the sound of the Suzuki Bandit motorcycles.
Suzuki Bandit
(Suzuki Bandit 600 : pic wikipedia)
In my mind, the Suzuki Bandit is a motorcycle that has the charisma, the engine sounds is so fine, I feel like to have this bike, but I do not know why until now, Suzuki does not like his opponents, you must already know with a new product Honda, CBR250R, if I noticed, Honda motorcycle has great marketing worker, but differs with Suzuki, I saw the Suzuki-less working hard, perhaps this is one reason why I am not familiar with all products from Suzuki, so that, when I met with Suzuki bandit, I was surprised to see the beauty of this bike. Read my Suzuki Bandit 1250

Back to the topic, when I was in college in Computer University, I often pass some fairly busy road, from that experience, I several times met with Suzuki Bandit rider, and I believe they are not a regular riders, they certainly people who have knowledge and knowledgeable about motorcycles, their performance was captivating, I do not understand why this bike is rarely seen on the road, but for sure, Suzuki Bandit bikers is a special rider. trust me they are looks great with beautiful sound of Bandit Bikes and muscle motorcycles design.


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