Saturday, 9 April 2011

Honda CBR250R Weight is Friendly

If you have read, my old article about the Honda CBR250R information here Honda CBR250R Specs you will like it, Honda CBR250R weight is friendly for beginner rider or young people and also for woman. From, the Honda CBR250R weight (Curb Weight) is around 359 pounds this is (includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride) not too heavy for new rider.
Honda CBR250R
Okay let see the Honda CBR250R weight, 161Kg CBR250R standard edition and 165Kg CBR250R ABS edition, if you compare it with another 250cc sport bike such as Kawasaki 250 with almost 169Kg, Honda CBR250R weight is lighter than Kawasaki 250 right? This is one of a lot CBR250R advantages, it's more light, more comfortable to ride and it's good for stop and go riding track. I know that CBR250R power is lower than Ninja 250R but it's okay for new rider bike, guys.. if you're the real 100% beginner rider, you should better check the Motorcycles weight before you buy the new motor bikes, it's important for safety. So.. if you want to try the 250cc bike with light of "weight", this is one of the best motorcycles for you without thing about more power or super performance, the final word "Honda CBR250R Weight is Friendly" and i like it so much, good job for Honda designer team.


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