Monday, 14 March 2011

Honda Scooters 150cc - 2010 SH150i

This is powerful Honda Scooters 150cc, it's SH150i, Today let see about 2010 SH150i series. This series is Honda scooters 150cc and it's mean SH150i is not standard scooters such as another scooters with just only 50cc of engine capacity or also 100cc. 150cc scooters produced a high performance and also great acceleration, you can try this bike with your needs to get a speed experience on the scooters. 2010 SH150i is my favorite from Honda Scooters 150cc line-up, Honda said that it's "Smart, stylish, fun!!" more power with 153cc of engine capacity, fuel injection technology, you can get more fun with this 150cc scooters.
Honda Scooters 150cc
What's more from 2010 SH150i, let see.. with labeled "Honda Scooters 150cc", this scooters come with 4-stroke engine, great stylish on the motorcycle design, a lot of tech features such as injection system, CBS (Combined Braking System) for safety riding, smooth engine Honda V-matic transmission, good cooling system with liquid-cooled, .
Honda Scooters 150cc SH150i
(pics and reference Honda Official website)
Big and stylish, Honda Scooters 150cc is good for everyone who like performance, stylish scooters, and also Fun, it's more important than just only standard scooters with no special features. 2010 SH150i come for scooters fans who need strong engine with beautiful looks appears also with nice large 16" wheels.


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