Saturday, 12 March 2011

Earthquake in Japan, hopefully the motorcycles factory will be fine

A few days ago, We've got bad news, Japan affected a large earthquake shook the Japanese, We as automotive enthusiasts will feel the impact of earthquake in Japan, the earthquake affected areas is the one of the most important industrial area in Japan . There are some motorcycle factory were damaged, so I hope everything okay and everything can run as usually.

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There are a lot of Motorcycles company in Japan, there are Honda motorcycles, Suzuki, Yamaha and also my favorite brand "Kawasaki". With this incident, We can only hope that everything is fine, I understand, this eartquake time, is one of Big and strong earthquake in Japan. In a few days, I also often watch the TV, and saw the news about earthquakes in japan. It was very big and terrible, looks destroyed several factories, we can see from the helicopter camera.

Japan is one of the country, which has many automotive manufacturers, there are motorcycle factory, and also a car factory. Today, perhaps the impact of "earthquakes" is still not felt, but I'm sure, some time to come, we will feel the impact of this disaster. I hope God gives protection to all of us.


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