Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Peugeot Jetforce

Peugeot Jetforce is one of many scooter from Peugeot scooters line-up. Peugeot JetForce come with 2 series, Peugeot Jetforce 125 cc and also Jetforce 50 cc. There is an different engine of two scooter bikes, JetForce 125 come with 4-strokes series and JetForce 50cc some with 2-strokes series. Peugeot Jetforce 125 powered with good technology and also features, Peugeot 125 powered single cylinder engine, water-cooled of cooling system, and also electronic fuel injection.
Peugeot Jetforce
Peugeot Jetforce also come in 50cc motorcycles class, but it's not 4-strokes scooter motorcycles version, it's 2-strokes scooter from Peugeot.
peugeot jetforce 125
Peugeot Jetforce for 50cc can run and reach 75kmh of top speed
peugeot jetforce scooters
All series of Peugeot Jetforce used water-cooled and EURO-2 catalytic converter. Guys.. you must to know that this scooter have one series that included great features to give more power and also fast acceleration, there is Peugeot compressor series, the Peugeot Super Charge tech and inter-cooler. Great bikes from Peugeot.


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