Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aprilia 750 Shiver - it's Amazing design

Aprilia 750 Shiver come with full unique, amazing and very beautiful design. It's 100% my favorite design from Aprilia motor-bikes. The Aprilia New series (2010 750 shiver) has 95hp @9,000 rpm and 81 Nm @7,000 it's almost 100HP, fast and powerfull enough for Me and also for all beginner to medium rider. it's Amazing design, you can see it below
Aprilia 750 Shiver
Here is the key features of 2011 Aprilia 750 Shiver motorcycle

- V2 90° engine with four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft and liquid cooling;
- the integral Ride-by-Wire tri-map technology developed for competitions;
- modular trellis/aluminium frame with significant torsional rigidity;
- aluminium swingarm with stiffener brace and lateral shock absorber;
- 43mm upside down fork;
- racing brakes with radial callipers and 320mm Wave discs
- New more protective top fairing
- New lower and slimmer saddle
- New racing style rider/passenger footpegs
(pic and specs reference aprilia.com)

You can see that Aprilia 750 Shiver is not only about "standard bikes", the most features from Shiver 750 is design and looks appears. It's like "robotic" contruction and it's modern and fashionable bike. Love it. For 2011 series, The Italian bikes "Shiver 750" has changed, you can found a lot of features as like new fairing features, new saddler, and racing footpegs. Great Job Aprilia.


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