Saturday, 15 January 2011

Yamaha Lexam come with Lorenze MotoGP rider

Yamaha Lexam has coming, the new Yamaha under-bone scooter automatic series come with 2010 motogp champion, that's all right, Jorge Lorenzo. Truly, Yamaha has more than 1 scooter series, They are Yamaha Mio. and Mio soul, but Today, it's special scooter series, Yamaha Lexam is under-bone series with scooter automatic transmission.
Yamaha Lexam
2011 Yamaha Lexam with Jorge Lorenzo
(pics and news
I want to know about Yamaha Lexam features and also advantages. but right now, i can't find more about it, but, if you are a scooter fans, you can try the new Yamaha Lexam in your favorite Yamaha dealer place, oh yeah The Lexam series named for Indonesia.Yamaha Lexam is another series for choice, New design, new riding experience, and I thing the New 2011 Yamaha Lexam is nice to try. Good luck guys...


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