Friday, 21 January 2011

Suzuki SV 650 - Street bikes from Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki SV 650 is 650cc motor bikes from Suzuki motorcycles, Suzuki SV 650 was released since 1999 and it's the international bikes market as like Suzuki GSX series. Today, name for "Suzuki SV 650" was changed, yeah, the 2009 Suzuki SV650 series named SV650SF, this bike have two series there are Suzuki SV650SF and Suzuki SV650SF ABS, liquid-cooled features, and also Suzuki fuel-injected engine system included.
Suzuki SV650 - SV650SF
For first edition of Suzuki SV650 series, the basic key features are light weight (good for beginner rider), rigid chassis, strong handling(good for safety), and the V-twin's engine, strong middle range torque appealed to beginner and also to all experienced Suzuki riders.

This bike (Suzuki SV 650) was popular in American, you can see here the reason why..
""The SV650 immediately became popular, but American buyers wanted the sportier 'S' version that featured lower handlebars, higher foot pegs and a bikini fairing and windscreen, available only in the European and Canadian markets. American magazines ran articles describing how to import it into the United States. In 2000, Suzuki began importing the SV650S to the USA (quoted from Wikipedia)""

What about My opinion? I thing Suzuki SV 650 is not for real speed rider, the Suzuki GSX-R series is more beauty than it, but of course, the taste and favorite design will defer. The max power of Suzuki SV650 around 70Hp, it's not so special, But if you want to try the Suzuki SV 650 series, the 2009 edition (Suzuki SV650SF) series is good enough for you.


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