Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Honda Beat 2011 Scooter - Honda Motorcycles

New Honda Beat released.. This is for 2011 Honda Scooter series. Honda Beat is not super scooter, but it's very nice for young people who want to try Honda Scooter with 110cc of engine displacement. New Honda Beat come with new design and also new colors variant.. nice strip colors..
New Honda Beat 2011
Here is the New Honda Beat 2011 information source:
""To maintain existence as a trendsetter among adolescents of scooter, at the beginning of this year AHM equip Honda Beat with the New color and appearance of striping that looks more stylish. This scooter has a fuel consumption is economical and compact body design sizes that match the body profile of the average Indonesian society. This makes it convenient and versatile in use to penetrate the traffic congestion.

Honda Beat is also equipped with engine capacity 110 cc air-cooled as well as several security features that only owned Honda that is like a standard automatic side (Side Stand Switch) in which the machine can not be turned on when in the down position and Brake Lock function to prevent motor startup jump . It also has some excellent features such as a safety lock magnet (Magnetic Key Shutter) and Autochoke to facilitate start the engine without having to move the lever manually.""(Quoted and translated(I'm used Google translated from astra Honda)


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