Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Motorcycle Computer Games

Motorcycle computer games is one of my favorite thing for play, I also play more than 1 game. Today, MotoGP 2010 PC games is the latest MotoGP games for PC, I don't know when the next series of 2011 MotoGP will launch. I found the news about 2011 MotoGP Pages on, Maybe march on 2011, the 2011 MotoGP PCgames will launching..
Motorcycle Computer Games
Another best Motorcycle Computer Games is SBK, you can play the 1000cc motorcycles here, yeah I like it. If you're the Kawasaki lover, you can't find and ride kawasaki motorcycles on MotoGP PC games, but on SBK, you can found Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R !! you can ride it dude !!. I don't know why but SBK is more interesting than MotoGP PC games. There are a lot of awesome bike to ride as like CBR1000RR, Suzuki GSX-R 10000 and of course Ninja ZX10R.

The minimum system needed for Motorcycle Computer Games is not hard to fill it. For example, you can play the latest Motorcycle Computer Games as like SBK or 2010 MotoGP PC games with this computer specs :

- AMD Athlon X4 or Intel i3
- 2 Gb Memory
- Ati radeon 5000 series or Nvidia GTS/GTX series

Update (March 2012):
Read more about this motorcycle game here : SBK-X PC game

So.. it's your time to play motorcycle computer games !! Have a nice day.


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