Saturday, 8 January 2011

Kawasaki D'Tracker 250 VS Ninja ZX250

Not all of people like Sportbike series as like Ninja ZX250, Sometimes, they want to try another bike as like Kawasaki DTracker 250, it's defending our favorite motorcycles style, Ninja ZX250 is full sportbike faring with great looks and great power for all beginner rider, with 250cc of engine displacement and also has 30Hp of power, this bike is good for medium performance, nice looking and also value prices. Guys, sometimes, we find it difficult to choose a motorcycle, so.. choose motorcycles accordance with your needs, if you live in urban/city, ninja zx250 is one of the best bike for beginners, but if you live in the mountains, many stone and also mud, Dtracker 250 was the champion, you know what i mean right?

Kawasaki D'Tracker 250 VS Ninja ZX250
Ninja ZX250
Kawasaki D'Tracker 250 is one of the best multipurpose from Kawasaki, I like the Dtracker design and also performance, this bike almost same with Ninja ZX250, but you know that it's multi motorcycles, you can use it at the road and dirt area
kawasaki d'tracker 250
Kawasaki D'Tracker powered with 250cc of engine displacement, 4-Step, DOHC, 4 valves and of course liquid-cooled.What about the kawasaki d'tracker power? well max power of d-tracker 250 around 18.0 kW.
What about the ninja series? Kawasaki Ninja series was very popular, if you want to try the real monster bike from Kawasaki ninja series, you should better check Ninja ZX10R.

Kawasaki D'Tracker 250 VS Ninja ZX250, which one that suitable with you?
if we look it in terms of prices, ninja zx250 and d-tacker 250 has almost same in price, of course with same 250cc of engine capacity, the bikes are very interesting, it's just that Kawasaki has made 2 versions, one for the city (kawasaki ninja 250r) , one more to the mountains or villages (ex: dtracker 250 or klx series). Kawasaki have 2 series for your 250cc motorcylces and now, it's your time to find it.. ninja series or dtracker? good luck guys..


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