Sunday, 23 January 2011

Honda Dio - 50cc Honda Scooter

Honda Dio is one of many 50cc Honda Scooter line-up, for 50cc series Honda Dio come with 2-strokes series, but for 102 cc series, Honda used SOHC 4-stroke. We we know about Honda Scooter line-up, Honda Dio come with standard design, but that is the key of DIO beauty, Honda Dio is perfect for minimalist rider with simple 50cc automatic moped / scooter performance.
Honda Dio
Honda Dio variant
Honda Dio red
Introduced in 2001, Honda Dio is not about speed or fast riding, it's about simple economic 50cc motorcycles. With only 50cc of engine capacity, Honda Dio is friendly riding, fuel-economic. Today, a middle to high scooter series always come with more than 125cc of engine capacity, liquid-cooled and 4-stroke type. But, 2001 Honda Dio 50cc come with no 4-stroke, it's 2-stroke bike, air-cooled of cooling system and also SOCH.

If you want to try another Honda Scooter, you should better check Honda PCX 125, that's beauty scooter from Honda with ton features. So.. that's all for basic Honda Dio series, not so special for me, but it's 50cc scooter series and it's mean cheap and good value for beginner rider or simple bikes lover, good luck.


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