Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Yamaha Fiore the new cute yamaha Scooter !!

Yamaha Fiore is the latest Yamaha scooter in Thailand, i just want to say  that "Yamaha Fiore" the new cute from Yamaha !!, Yamaha seem more seriously in Scooter market, and the Yamaha Fiore is one of another Yamaha Scooter as like Yamaha Fino. What about the engine? Yamaha Fiore come with 113 cc of engine displacement SOHC, 4 stroke, and also air-cooled, i found the special thing from Yamaha Fiore, this bike used Yamaha Mixture Jet-Fuel Injection, it's Injection system.. great !!. Girls and young people are the target of Yamaha Fiore, stylish ride, cute scooter and also light bike is awesome..
Yamaha Fiore
Yamaha Fiore and the girl's
Yamaha Fiore Scooter
This bike was released in Thailand, so.. in the next time, maybe Yamaha Fiore will bring it to another country in Asia. The battle in the 110cc scooter automatic still in the progress, Honda with New Honda Scoopy VS Yamaha Fiore and also Yamaha Fino. I have one thing that it's very interesting from Yamaha Fiore, there is injection system, with this technology, Yamaha Fiore will have plus point in the market, so.. now, how much the Yamaha Fiore? that's is very important...  So guys.. that's all for the latest new cute Yamaha scooter.. Yamaha Fiore .. great design, perfect for girls and stylish young people, and also high-tech included with Injection system.. great job..
That's all and have fun.. 


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