Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New Jupiter MX has coming from Yamaha motorcycles

New Jupiter MX is the latest motorcycles from Yamaha, that's all right, New Jupiter MX has coming from Jakarta Motorcycles Show a several time ago. So.. what's the new thing that we can get from this bike? Is there any special thing that can make the "New Jupiter MX" more better than Yamaha Jupiter MX old edition? actually i just want to share a key features from New Jupiter MX today, so.. you know that this bike is 135cc motorcycles, the power and also speed is fast enough, Now, new jupiter mx come with disk brake on the rear, it's mean the drum brake on the old Jupiter MX has been replaced with Disk brake system.. it's cool !!

New Jupiter MX
New Jupiter MX 2010
New Jupiter MX
You can see the difference between New Jupiter MX 2010 VS Jupiter MX old series,
The New Jupiter MX design is more stylish !! This bike has a few changes, if we look more carefully, some new models and forms of new Jupiter MX is more streamlined, I do not know this is right or wrong, this is just my own opinion, I'll write down some of the advantages of this New Jupiter MX in the next article.

What about New Yamaha Jupiter 2010 opportunities in the motorcycle market? Well, with a few changes to the New Jupiter MX, Yamaha has a strong army that can beat Honda motorcycles line-up on the 125cc-135cc class, in the 135cc class, Yamaha, has no rival, Honda only has a 125cc and 150cc for the middle class, and 200cc for the highest class, (tiger revo).

New Jupiter MX !! Wellcome to the battle area.. great job Yamaha !!


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