Saturday, 18 September 2010

Yamaha motorcycles power problem and Lorenzo

We know that final result for MotoGP qualifying this week Lorenzo with Yamaha Motorcycles placed at second position after Casey Stoner with Ducati motorcycle, so what the problem from Jorge Lorenzo? Well guys.. Lorenzo said that it's all about Yamaha MotoGP Power problem, I thing this is not a big problem, but Lorenzo looks like not comfortable with this situation.. Here is the Lorenzo statement

""The problem is that we lost a lot on the straights and on acceleration," said Lorenzo, who still beat Pedrosa to second. "We don't have the same power as Ducati and Honda, so this is the worst point we have now.""autosport""

Well.. Honda and Ducati looks like more have a powerful motorcycles on the acceleration and also power, truly, MotoGP is not only talk about power and acceleration, but also technique. The best rider in MotoGP must have a good skill and also good motorcycles performace, i hope Yamaha Motorcycles team can fix this issue..


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