Thursday, 2 September 2010

Yamaha Bison VS New Yamaha Vixion

The 2 beautiful motorcycles, Yamaha Bison and of course Yamaha Vixion. Yamaha Vixion or Yamaha YZF150 have a good new technology with injection engine sytem, but Yamaha Bison or Yamaha FZ160 come with very great design !! So.. if you want to choose between Bison and Vixion, which is better for "Yamaha Bison VS New Yamaha Vixion" ? let see more about two of this motor bike.

yamaha bison
1. Yamaha Bison Real street fighter bike / Vixion sportbike
2. Handling feel like super bike / Vixion no special thing from handling
3. Great Suspension with mono shock breaker / Yes also Yamaha Vixion
4. 150CC of engine displacement / 150CC with Injection
5. Bigger tires than Vixion
6. Good muffler / Exhaust than Yamaha Vixion
7. Digital Odometer / Analog
8. Bigger fork than Vixion
9. Bison is cheaper than Yamaha Vixion
Yamaha Vixion 2010

So.. you can see that Yamaha Bison is better than Vixion (IMHO), it's cheaper than Yamaha Vixion, great analog odometer, big tires, huge fork and great look appears, one thing that i don't like from Bison is no injection and it's only 150CC, i thing if Yamaha motorcycles create a new bison generation, they chould better it's more than 200CC as like Kawasaki Ninja 250R, with muscle body design, Yamaha Bison is perfect for all rider..


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